Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I'm Stuart Hughes, a world news producer with BBC News based in west London.

I grew up in the Welsh capital, Cardiff, before moving to the Midlands to study English and American literature at Birmingham University.

After six months of voluntary work with the Iona Community in the Scottish Hebrides I returned to the Land of My Fathers in 1994 and began freelancing for BBC Wales.

I moved to London in 1997, working first for BBC Radio News and then for BBC World Newsgathering.

On April 2nd 2003, while covering the Iraq War in the Kurdish north of the country, I stepped on an anti-personnel landmine. My colleague Kaveh Golestan was killed in the incident.

Five days later, my right leg was amputated below the knee.

I returned to work after six months of rehab and I'm now back on the road, covering events in countries such as Iran, Greece and Cambodia.

Since my accident I've also become an anti-landmine campaigner and a patron of the Mines Advisory Group.

DISCLAIMER: Although I am an employee of BBC News, this is a personal website not affiliated with, endorsed by, or funded by the BBC.