Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The 7 coachloads of journalists who came across the Turkish border with us are hard at work. Dozens of column inches are being written about Northern Iraq every day.

From the Qandil Mountains to the outskirts of Kirkuk, there seems to be a journalist hiding behind every tuft of grass. Most of the articles are variations on the same theme; Kurdish soldiers – known as Peshmergas – say they’ll fight to the death if Turkey enters the region. I'm sure, though, that once the war starts and everyone charges for Baghdad everyone will forget about the Kurds and their cause.

ABC/Reuters -- Iraqi Kurds See Swift Surrender of Saddam's Army
Star Tribune -- Saddam fortifies strategic northern city
Christian Science Monitor -- Kurds brush up on human rights
The Times -- Kurds will fight back if Turkey enters Iraq
Gulf News -- Kurdish militia trains to repel Turkish troops
Middle East Online -- Kurds mobilise on Turkish border
Daily Telegraph -- Kurdish rebels ready to fight to the death for their cause


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