Monday, April 14, 2003

The accident. Oh yes, the accident. I knew there was something I'd forgotten.

Taking a quick look at the site it dawned at me that one day I was farting about in Sulaymaniyah and the next I was lying in a hospital bed bemoaning my fate sans pied. Not much of a story teller, am I?

I should fill in the gaps, but the story's quite straightforward. Welshman wakes up, goes to work, steps on landmine, makes a mess, goes home and feels sorry for himself, to be continued.

I'll refrain from giving you my version, not because I'm too traumatised but because Jim's already told it exactly like it was in this article. I've got little to add except to the piece I wrote in hospital last week, which is here. If you need to know more, follow the links below. What am I -- your researcher?!

Media Guardian -- BBC producer has foot amputated
BBC -- Iraq journalist's leg amputated
Press Association -- Welsh Iraq journalist has leg amputated
Western Mail feature
Reuters -- BBC Cameraman Killed by Land mine in Iraq
BBC -- BBC cameraman dies in Iraq

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