Saturday, April 26, 2003

One of the main priorities since my accident has been to get back on the road.

My stick-shift Citroen isn't suited to life with one leg, so yesterday I went for a preparatory assessment to see what car I'll need now the number of feet available to drive has been halved.

The assessor told me I'll need an automatic with the pedals switched round so I can operate them with my left foot instead of my right.

My choice of replacement vehicle to reflect my changed circumstances -- the General Motors Hummer H2, based on the US Army Humvee.

A snip at $55,000 and boasting a gutsy 10 miles per gallon it's as well suited to the narrow country lanes of Britain as it is to the highways of Iraq. It sends out a message: GET OUT OF MY WAY. I MAY ONLY HAVE ONE FOOT BUT I'M STILL A MAN. I CAN RUN YOU OFF THE ROAD ANY TIME I FUCKING CHOOSE.

What I need to find out now is whether the pedals on it can be modified for one-legged drivers.

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