Wednesday, May 28, 2003

No performance related pay bonus this year, then, for George Dubya, whose "War on Terror" has made the world a more dangerous place according to Amnesty International.

Amnesty's Secretary General says that: "A combination of forces sought to roll back the human rights gains of the past five decades in the name of security and "counter-terrorism". But the restrictions on liberty have not necessarily led to increased dividends on safety. Greater emphasis on security, far from making the world a safer place, has made it more dangerous by curtailing human rights and undermining the rule of international law; by shielding governments from scrutiny; by deepening divisions among people of different faiths and origins; and by diverting attention from festering conflicts and other sources of insecurity."

Good work, Mr President.

BBC News: Warning over war on terror

...and while we're on the subject of small-minded, inward-looking countries, congratulations to the organisers of the Urdd Eisteddfod in Port Talbot for stripping a school choir from Llanelli of their singing prize. The reason? One of the verses sung by the pupils from Ysgol Dewi Sant was in the original Xhosa -- and the Eisteddfod has a strict Welsh-only rule on stage:

BBC News: Foreign anthem in Maes row

Taking over as Welsh First Minister in February 2000, Rhodri Morgan said he wanted "to celebrate the talent and diversity of all the people of Wales." (Source: BBC News Online.)

It would seem the First Minister's wish is not shared by everyone here in Wales.

Phew...from global politics to the Eisteddfod in one posting.

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