Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Press Day.

MAG's PR Supremo, Daniel from Spin Media had done an amazing job of generating media interest in my new role as patron and, more importantly, in the fact that MAG has been short-listed for the Hilton Humanitarian Prize.

I woke up at 0630 and over the next ten hours did interviews for.....(deep breath).....BBC Breakfast News, the Today programme, Radios Wales, Scotland Ulster, Cumbria, Sheffield, Stoke, Southern Counties, GMR, Key 103, North West Today, North West Tonight, Wales Today, Granada Tonight, the Big Issue, Manchester Evening News, Western Mail, South Wales Echo, the Mirror, the, I think that's it.

I am now a fully-fledged media whore.

Here's a couple of cuttings:
BBC News Online: Blast journalist fights landmines
Western Mail: Debris of war that maims and kills
Press Association: Mine-hit TV Producer Holds Weapon That Took His Leg

Photo: Taking to BBC Breakfast News

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