Friday, May 02, 2003

This article's killer bee. A pigeon-chested woman from California (where else?) set up a website in November, asking readers to contribute to a fund she'd set up to turn her 34A funbags into something more substantial. Six months on, she's raised the $4500 she needs to, as the slogan on her website goes, "help a girl fill out her sweater."

Cyber-begging seems to be all the rage just now. As many will already know, one journalist -- Chris Allbritton -- raised nearly $14,000 dollars from online supporters to pay for a trip to Iraq where he reported independently on his website Back To Iraq. A nice idea....rather like the old Victorian idea of paying for public monuments through subscription.

I'm definitely missing a trick here. I need to start up a cyber-begging fund to pay for the cost of my new prosthetic legs. Or maybe a nice big pair of tits.

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