Sunday, June 01, 2003

Don't be misled.

On the message board, Colleen draws attention to the Observer article on cluster bombs.

The campaign group Landmine Action in particular is making a big song and dance about the use of cluster bombs by US and British forces.

Unexploded bomblets are dangerous. However, the statistics gathered by MAG (collected by field teams who are actually doing the dirty work of trying to clear minefields) show clearly that the overwhelming majority of deaths and injuries in Iraq since the war have been caused by landmines and UXO -- not cluster bombs.

Note that the map published by the Observer highlights areas blighted by ANY form of live munition -- not just cluster bombs.

Cluster bombs are just a tiny part of a much bigger and more serious problem -- that of the millions of landmines and stockpiles of UXO now littering Iraq.

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