Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Check out the new bike!

My thinking was this...After Friday's tweak, I'm bounding around on my leg like a good 'un, often without walking sticks. Even so, I can still only do short distances. Overdo it and Mr Stumpy hurts like hell. Going to the corner shop to pick up a paper in the morning is no problem. Getting to Ealing Broadway and back, though, is more of a challenge.

I could take the car, of course, but it seems a bit excessive -- not to mention environmentally damaging -- to get into the car just to drive a mile or two.

A bike's the answer. It's easier on the injured leg and better for the beer gut.

Because my flat's the size of a postage stamp I've bought a natty mountain bike that folds up in half and packs into a bag. Just the job. The only problems I've had so far is that my artificial foot flies off the pedal from time to time and I can't cycle standing up because I have no right shin or ankle muscles. Apart from that it's exactly the same as before.

I managed to survive an Iraqi landmine but I'll probably now be flattened by a London bus.

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