Friday, July 11, 2003

The Franklin Mint's victory in a legal case against the Diana Memorial Fund was a triumph for collectors of cheap tat around the world.

If I want to blow my hard-earned cash on Diana vinyl dolls ($110-$195)and Diana, Queen of Hearts Jewelled Tribute Rings ($195) I don't see why anyone should stop me.

However, the result of the law suit is that women and children are going to have their arms and legs blown off by landmines because the Memorial Fund is now skint:

BBC News: Diana fund faces financial crisis

So...let me get this straight. Mine clearance groups have to look for alternative sources of cash so that people with no taste can carry on buying gaudy shite. That has to be one of the obscene things I've ever heard.

Shame that Marvel is scrapping its plans for a "Diana the Bulimic Mutant Ninja Queen of Hearts" comic book, though.

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