Wednesday, July 23, 2003


And so farewell, Uday and Qusay Hussein.

OK, so Uday may have been a psychopath with a reputation for torture, murder, rape and corruption but the man liked a good cigar.

When US troops entered his palace they found -- along with heroin, pictures of prostitutes downloaded off the internet, and prozac -- boxes containing hundreds of Cuban cigars with his name printed on them (Source: Newsday).

The picture above shows Uday smoking a Cohiba, Cuba's most prestigious cigar. Cohibas were originally rolled especially for VIPs visiting Cuba. I could be wrong but I reckon the former tyrant's puffing on an Esplendido in the picture. A box would set you back 500 quid here in the UK.


Now he's croaked, maybe someone can pass a couple of boxes my way.


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