Friday, August 29, 2003

Ace Echo hackette Alex Lemon makes her debut in cult e-zine The Friday Thing this week.

Inspired by the appearance in this week's Twat Pack of Ali Bongo wannabe David Blaine, Alex assesses Blaine's latest pointless stunt. And if you're still in any doubt of Blaine's status as a Premier Division Prick, take a look at this interview in Newsweek. I think I'd rather spend six weeks in a glass box above the Thames than read it again -- especially the bit when he compares his stunt to the Holocaust.

Although the editors of The Friday Thing have robbed Alex of a by-line, we know the words are hers -- and that's all that matters. TFT is only available by subscription, so I've cut and pasted the article into the document below:

IT'S A BIRD... IT'S A BLAINE? (.doc)
IT'S A BIRD... IT'S A BLAINE? (.txt)


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