Sunday, August 03, 2003

The MAG London Triathlon team overcame the stagnant Thames, cramp and baking sunshine to make it round the course in fine style.

Leading the way with the early starters was Phil Holmes. As he leapt out of the water and towards his bike, he was travelling at such lightning speed that I barely caught a glimpse of him.

He didn't stop until he made it to the finish line in around 2 hours, 54 minutes.

Phil was followed by the BBC Radio Newsroom team. They look relaxed enough here -- but you should have seen them three hours later.

First across the line was "Ironman" Anthony Birchley, followed two minutes later by Richard Downie.

John Davidson stepped up the pace during the 10k run to come in third, ahead of Peter Dickinson. Showing the whipper-snappers how it's done was Duncan Snelling in a shade over 3 hours.

I'll publish the exact times when I have them.

All six put in awesome performances and I'm immensely proud of them. If you spent your Sunday sat on your arse eating chocolate, the least you can do is give them some moral support by clicking here and sending a few quid MAG's way.


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