Friday, August 22, 2003

We return to Canada yet again for this week's Amputee of the Week.

Emmy Award-winning Dancer and choreographer David Connolly was born with a defect of his feet and lower legs that left them useless.

Doctors told his parents that he would never walk and would spend his life in a wheelchair. As a child, doctors in Montreal amputated his feet and performed bone grafts and reconstructive surgery to reshape his lower legs so that he could wear artificial limbs.

Soon David was off and running. He took up swimming and diving, and joined a marching band, but the lure of the stage beckoned. "Dancing just happened," he said. "Of course, people told me I couldn't do it, but I was more determined than ever to succeed."

David was performing on Broadway at age 19 and subsequently worked as a choreographer for every major television network. You can watch a short film about David here for RealPlayer and here for QuickTime.

A gay Canadian dancing bilateral amputee -- David Connolly is the ultimate politically correct Amputee of the Week.


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