Monday, August 18, 2003

Work on leg number two is underway!

Leg v1.0 has provided good service but my injured leg has shrunk considerably since it was made as the swelling has gone down. So, I drove down to Cardiff this morning so that a cast could be made for a new prosthesis.

It's going to be different to the last one, in that it's going to have an Iceross suspension system. Rather than sliding on like a slipper, the new leg will click into a pin at the end of a silicone sleeve. The idea is that it's more secure and feels more natural when walking.

Ian covered my leg in plaster of paris strips again and then moulded them in place using an inflatable rubber bladder. The resulting cast was about a third narrower than the one I've got at the moment.

I'm going back to the hospital tomorrow for more technical work and the leg will be ready for collection in a fortnight.

Picture: Casting 1
Picture: Casting 2


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