Sunday, September 14, 2003

Maybe I'm in touch with my feminine side, maybe I'm camp as a row of tents....whichever is true, I've long been partial to a good Step Aerobics class. It's one of the few exercise classes I don't get bored rigid at, so I've been keen to find out whether it's still physically possible with a prosthetic leg.

This morning I went along to my first post-accident Step class.

It was trickier than it used to be, no doubt about it. The straightforward uppy-downy step movements are simple enough but the quick jumps over and around the box are difficult with no ankle joint to pivot on and propel with.

I skipped some of the more complicated routines and kept it simple but I feel I've found a new challenge for myself -- to step as nimbly as I did before I lost my foot.

By the time the class was over my leg felt like an eel trapped in a condom inside the silicone liner. I just know that my right knee's going to hurt like hell tomorrow.


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