Friday, October 31, 2003

A great (and suitably drunken) night at the Rory Peck Awards, which showcased some stunning examples of the cameraman's art.

The winners were:
Hard News Award: Frederick Scott, Northern Iraq Friendly Fire Incident
Rory Peck Award for Features: Rodrigo Vazquez, The Killing Zone (Gaza)
Sony International Impact Award: James Brabazon, A Journey Without Maps (Liberia & Guinea)

Special congratulations, of course, to Fred -- whose report from Northern Iraq I watched from my hospital bed the day before my amputation.

You can read more about the winners here and watch a webcast of the ceremony here. The Media Guardian reports on the winners here.

Picture: Rory Peck Awards 2003
Picture: Fred collects his award
Picture: Fred's acceptance speech
Picture: James Brabazon
Picture: Rodrigo Vazquez


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