Friday, October 24, 2003

A quieter morning, thankfully, with no Spanish police officers to spoil matters. I found a perfect spot from which to broadcast from the hotel sundeck, right next to the swimming pool. The water didn't look too inviting at 7 o'clock this morning but there was a clear view of the satellite and that's all I care about.

Yesterday we squeezed this story like a sponge...and today we've got to do it all over again. Today is Show Me the Money Day -- when all the donor countries put their cheques on the table and say how much they'll donate towards the reconstruction of Iraq.

As is often the way in this age of rolling news we preview the story to death before it actually happens -- so that by the time the announcements are officially made everyone's bored to death with it.

Some more snaps:
Jamie Goes Live
Tight Security
Home Sweet Home


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