Thursday, October 16, 2003

Try and catch Parkinson on BBC 1 this Saturday at 2225 BST, because I've just responded to the strangest call.

MAG's Head of Press called asking me whether I had any of their T-shirts knocking around.

"I've got a couple in the wardrobe," I said, "but they're all been worn."

It transpires that Michael Stipe from REM is on Parky this weekend and he wants to wear a MAG T-shirt. It's priceless publicity but there's not enough time to get one down to London from MAG's offices in Manchester.

Only one thing for it.

I dig out one of mine, sniffing carefully to make sure it doesn't reek like a navvy's armpit.

Nope -- it smells of washing powder...fresh as a daisy.

A quick iron, and it's on its way to Mr Stipe, who hopefully won't realise it's second hand.

I can honestly say that REM have taken the shirt from my back.


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