Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I like to think I'm a fairly good tempered person.

This year has seen a lot of shit but I've tried to deal with it with humour and optimism. I've been lucky that even the bad things that have happened this year have brought positive outcomes.

However, there are two groups of people out there that I'd like to send nothing but bad vibes towards.

Their motivations bemuse me and their interests disgust me.

I'm not going to link to their websites because frankly these people deserve to fester in their own underground sewers.

The first loathsome group of sickos are the amputee fetishists. Each to their own and live and let live, I agree. But think about it. Would you really want your husband/brother/boyfriend/co-worker to admit he got off looking at images of people with missing limbs? Would you be proud admitting the fact in front of your family?

Amputation is not a lifestyle choice. It's painful and devastating -- and those that revel in it deserve to be isolated and condemned. Don't bother e-mailing me to argue otherwise -- your correspondence will be deleted.

The second group are the "true gore" perverts who, when presumably not hiding their girlie mags from their mothers, collect images of real-life accidents and write comments on bulletin boards like "Man what a weak mine. Looks like he stepped on a sparkler. We need to bring back those vietnam era mines which were so horric they mangled the shit out of people, one of the major causes of psycholgical damage to soldiers in Vietnam."

Through good and bad and in the interests of blogging I've kept writing for the past nine months but I'm beginning to wonder...


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