Monday, December 08, 2003

Apologies for the lack of blogging activity over the last few days. Sad anorak that I am, I spent the weekend installing a new hard drive on my computer to put all the video files I've been playing with on. Then I dashed down to Cardiff (where I still am) for a "diagnostic fitting" for the new leg.

My prosthetist, Ian, has made two clear fibreglass casts, one slightly bigger than the other, which will form the basis of my new leg. This morning I tried them both on, while Ian checked for fit and even pressure distribution. The slightly larger cast felt much more comfortable, not such a tight squeeze, so it's that one he'll use to make the leg socket.

Ian marked out a few spots on the cast where he'll put in pressure pads and cut down excess ridges and he's now taken it away to make up the final leg.

Delivery date is 22nd December -- just in time for Christmas! He's promised to wrap it up for me, although I think the shape will be a dead give away when I put it with the other presents under the tree.

I'm itching to get the leg. The one I'm wearing has given me good service and taken me to Spain, Italy and Cambodia but I now have to wear it with five socks underneath because Mr Stumpy has shrunk so much over the past few months. It's time to retire it gracefully.


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