Monday, January 05, 2004

I'm finding Shattered -- the new Channel 4 Reality TV show from the makers of Big Brother -- strangely compelling.

The show, in which the contestants try to go a week without sleep in order to win up to £100,000, represents a new sadistic landmark in the Reality TV genre.

For me, sleep is as much a recreational as a relaxational activity. I'm usually hard-pushed to stay conscious for 7 hours without a lie-down, let alone 7 days.

So, first thing tomorrow morning I'm taking these pitches to the bosses at Channel 4:

Starved: 12 contestants...60 calories.
Hijacked: ...In which the last entrant to succumb to Stockholm Syndrome wins a luxury holiday in Sweden.
Tortured: Filmed entirely on location at the former S-21 detention camp in Phnom Penh, Tortured pits former Khmer Rouge guards against a group of hopefuls aiming to walk out with 50 grand -- and the majority of their fingernails intact.


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