Friday, January 30, 2004

So it looks like I'll be keeping my NUJ card a while longer.

Andrew Gilligan has finally resigned from the BBC over the story which led to the whole Kelly/Hutton affair.

I've been very careful about what I've said about a (now former) BBC colleague -- but I'm sure my opinion has been pretty obvious.

I wouldn't have manned a picket line because of Andrew Gilligan and thankfully now I don't have to cross one because of him.

But still the National union of Journalists misjudges the general mood.

"We are very saddened by the fact that Andrew felt the need to resign," says NUJ deputy general secretary John Fray.

"I believe he could have stayed on but obviously he has been under immense pressure.

"He holds the fact that he believes that his journalism is substantively correct."

Call me old fashioned but I consider it my job to get my journalism completely correct -- not just substantively so.

Will Andrew Gilligan's resignation prompt a spontaneous staff protest in the same way that Greg Dyke's did?

What do you think?


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