Thursday, March 18, 2004

I've found an ally in Suw over at Chocolate and Vodka, who steps up the pressure on the Guardian to hand the Best British Blog prize money to its rightful owner.

She says:

"I think The Guardian really ought to demand repayment of the prize money and give it and the title to Stuart Hughes, whose blog was essentially the runner up. I never liked the fact that the slut won - I had the feeling that she won because of her subject material and the shock value that afforded The Guardian, not because of any inherant worth in her blog. It's like titillation value was more important than ability to touch or affect other people's lives.

"Hughes, on the other hand, has been through and blogged with honesty and emotion about life-changing events - he stepped on a land mine in Iraq and subsequently went through a below the knee amputation. His is a blog which it not only well written, but emotive, interesting, thoughtful and at times even awe-inspiring. He has reached not only other amputees with his writing, but also helped to give non-amputees more understanding of what it's like to go through the loss of a limb. And, of course, he blogs about a wide range of other subjects that makes his blog more well-round and interesting than most.

"Frankly, I think that's far more valuable to the the blogging community than some woman in Manchester pretending to be a call girl in London."

Still no sign of that cheque yet.


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