Thursday, July 08, 2004


I've long hated Formula One racing.

The attraction of watching a trackload of turbo-powered advertising hoardings hurtling past at high speed is a total mystery to me.

But my dislike turned into out and out loathing on Tuesday evening, when the whole of central London was brought to a standstill by one of the most irresponsible events I've ever witnessed.

Up to half a million people turned out to see eight F1 drivers show off on the streets of the capital.

For sour pusses like me who aren't the slightest bit interested in the "sport," it meant Bond Street, Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road tube stations were closed at the busiest time of the day, the city was totally grid-locked and simply crossing the road meant a mile and a half detour -- which is just wonderful for someone with an artificial leg.

I was therefore delighted to read Beverley Turner's F1 hatchet job in the Independent.

Turner, who's just written an insider's book about motor-racing, claims F1 is characterised by rampant sexism and chauvinism.

Plus, it's just plain boring.