Wednesday, November 03, 2004

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Here's a transcription of what Stuart said in this audioblog...

This is Stuart Hughes at the Republican National Committee victory 2004 party at the Reagan Centre in Washington D.C.
But whether it will be victory 2004 for George W Bush remains to be seen.
It's far too early in the night to make such bold predictions, especially when crucial states like Ohio and Florida are still regarded as too close to call.
Some 4000 party workers, friends and guests are gathering at the Reagan Centre, the president isn't here yet, he's due here later. I'm told he's still at the White House with 25-30 family members and friends. We're even told what they're enjoying for their family supper - such delicacies as squash soup, smoked salmon, shrimp, ?crab cakes and beef tenderloin and a TV has been set up in the west sitting hall at the White House to track the results as they come in.
The turnout could be the great decider here, it's very early in the night, there's a lot of results to come in and it's still not known whether it'll be George Bush or John Kerry that's going to be occupying the White House for the next 4 years.

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