Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A few days ago Gavin wished me luck on the road to fatherhood by linking to his photoset of pictures of his newborn son, Oscar.

Is it possible to imagine a child more perfect?

Surely, even the least broody person in the world couldn't help but coo at Gavin's photos.

Aileen and I looked through the photos (cooing madly) and agreed that if our son-or-daughter--to-be comes anywhere near Oscar on the cute-o-meter we'll be very happy parents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aileen and Stu,
I am delighted to hear you will soon be joining the ranks of parents of cute babies!
I recommend getting some sleep while you can.
Best wishes in this wonderful adventure.
I look forward to more updates!
Dr. Robert

3:42 PM  

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