Monday, July 24, 2006

Someone's having a little fun at out expense.

This spoof is doing the rounds on the BBC e-mail:

More than a thousand British citizens have now been evacuated from Lebanon, fleeing the continuing bombardment by BBC news teams. More details from our correspondent in Beirut, Phil Warships:

For a second day they came in their droves -- friends, families, adults and children driven out of this battered city. Fearing for their sanity in a city overrun by camera crews and radio reporters. Their underground shelters were no protection against BBC personnel armed with the latest "bunkerbuster" minidisc recorders, so they sought refuge on the decks of HMS York and Gloucester. This woman ran the perilous gauntlet of the Beirut dockside. She thought she was safe at last on the destroyer. She was wrong:

WOMAN: News 24 declared a ceasefire at Beirut while we got out, so that was ok. But when we got to Limassol we were ambushed by Clive Myrie. It's a nightmare. There's no escape. Can't somebody do something to stop this?

The Lebanese government estimates that at least three hundred people have been interviewed and thousands more vox popped in a relentless BBC onslaught by air, ground and sea. Those who slipped through the net have been mopped up by the corporation's crack Newswire "clipper" units. In some cases, satellite technology has been used to target UK citizens, cruelly luring them into live interviews with Jane Hill. One report said a teenage girl was subject to ground assaults by Ben Brown, Jeremy Bowen and Jim Muir over a horrific five-minute period. She was then forced to recount her ordeal on the Victoria Derbyshire programme. The BBC director general, Mark Thompson, said the offensive was justified.

THOMPSON: What do you expect us to do when Hezbollah fires rockets into northern Israel? Just sit back and take it? No, we respond with every reporter we've got...unless I've sacked them.

The Lebanese prime minister has called on the international community to intervene. At the moment there seems little chance of that happening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hee. You know you're doing something right when they start satirizing you :)

Pat in Texas

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What?.Are they tracking people or something?.Wow, amazing technology! What's happening all around? x}


11:58 PM  

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