Sunday, February 23, 2003

Snowbound in Turkey!

Getting here was painless, if a little tedious. 271kg of equipment to check in and out of customs. 17 bags went into the hold of BA680…but only 16 bags came out again. The unlucky party is SM Steve Dodds, whose bag of clothes failed to turn up on the carousel. BA have until tomorrow morning to find it. So Steve can broadcast but he might stink a bit.

Met up at the airport with the three members of the team who came via Rome….so it’s six here and three more to come.

Some unsettling news reaches us during the journey from the airport. Apparently there are 250 journalists waiting at the Silopi border crossing waiting to get into Kurdistan. There are rumours that the Turks are asking people to leave their passports at the border and collect them on the way out, after this week’s Iraqi opposition meeting. They’ve obviously sussed that everyone’s planning to be there for some time. Plans B, C and D are being formulated.

Had planned doing some sightseeing this morning. Woke up to a postcard snow scene which rapidly turned into a whiteout, making any sights somewhat difficult to see…as the pictures below demonstrate. Only one thing for it. Back to bed.


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