Sunday, March 02, 2003

Our colleagues from Fox News, down on the 4th floor, have lost the plot. What's new, you may ask -- and it's a fair point. But this time they've REALLY lost the plot.

Much commotion at the crack of dawn after a large truck pulled up outside the hotel, piled high with sandbags. A team of Kurdish peasants spend the day climbing up and down the stairs with the bags on their backs.

It emerges that our Foxy Friends have spent $5000 to fortify their offices. Every window and door has been sandbagged. The 4th floor is now Fortress Fox and they're ready for anything. It looks like a giant First World War trench. I keep expecting Siegfried Sassoon to appear from behind a pile of hessian sacks.

Quite what they'll do if someone decides to drop a bomb on the roof rather than through the window remains unclear. We and the other journalists in the Arbil Tower simply look on with bemusement and the wide-boy hotel owner who subcontracted the job to the peasants rubs his hands and dreams of retiring to the Caribbean once the war is over.


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