Monday, April 28, 2003

Been there, done that....

Reading about and watching National Geographic's 50th anniversary coverage of the first ascent of Everest got me wondering. What about the first ever amputee ascent of the world's highest peak? Nice idea -- and like all the best ideas it has already been done. On May 27th 1998, Tom Whittaker, who lost his foot in a car accident, got to the top -- becoming the first "disabled" person to do so.

ESPN -- Overcoming Everest: Disabled Climber Tom Whittaker Reflects

If that weren't enough, Tom Whittaker is also from Wales!! And another Celtic Everest Connection....Chomolungma was named Mount Everest in 1865 after Sir George Everest, surveyor general of India, who've guessed it.....Welsh! From Gwernvale in Breconshire to be precise.

Whittaker was followed 3 years later by Erik Weihenmayer from Denver, Colorado who at the age of 32 became the first blind person to reach the summit of Everest. Erik lists his hobbies as "rock climbing, diving, wrestling and dirt bikes." Just thinking about him exhausts me.

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