Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I'm forever grateful to fellow blogger Paul Boutin for posting up this article. I'd never have seen it otherwise. For me, it's hugely significant.

The article is about Greg Hamon, chief of surgery for the Special Forces medical team that treated me in Northern Iraq.

The article says: "The worst casualties he treated in Iraq were members of an Iranian opposition force who had sought refuge in Iraq but were attacked by Iranian mercenaries who came across the border, and a British journalist, Stuart Hughes, whose heel was blown off by a land mine."

That'll be me, then.

I was so drugged up on morphine that much of my time in the care of the Special Forces is a blur.

They took great care of me, though -- and now I know who "they" are. The 932nd Forward Surgical Team, based in Fort Ben Harrison, Indiana.

I'm going to try and thank Greg personally.

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