Monday, June 23, 2003

Meet my friend, Phil Holmes.

You see him here sitting on his arse. However, this is not a pastime he indugles in regularly.

Phil is currently training for the London Triathlon in August. This punishing event that involves a 1.5km swim, followed by a 40km cycle and then a 10km run.


Good question, but the answer's simple. Phil is putting himself through physical torment so that little children don't step on landmines and die. He's doing the Triathlon to raise lots of lovely money for MAG.....well, that and because he likes wearing tight lycra shorts in public.

Phil is suffering so we don't have to. However, just sitting on your flabby arse eating Doritos isn't an option. Ooooh no.

Download Phil's sponsorship form below. It explains the many ways you can support his efforts and help stop little kiddies from stepping on landmines and blowing their legs off, because that's what's happening every day around the world.

Have I made my point?

Phil's Triathlon Sponsorship Form

Alternatively, if you fancy following in Phil's footsteps you can get involved in MAG's challenges in Namibia and Cambodia. Full details are on the form below:

MAG Challenges (PDF format, 478Kb)

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