Sunday, July 20, 2003

There's still no sign of my suitcase, so those Alitalia baggage handlers are obviously having a fine old time of it with my dirty Y-fronts. Frankly, they're welcome to them.

Thankfully, though, my camera was in the hand luggage, so I'm able to upload a few pictures from Tuscany.

I'd like to say I spent the week exploring the hidden secrets of the region, meeting the friendly locals and promoting understanding between Brits and Italians. But I'd be lying. I spent the week reading, swimming, smoking Havanas and getting happily sozzled on chianti....and it was bloody marvelous.

I can thoroughly recommend the town of Castellina in Chianti and the Cottage Monterano, where we stayed. It's the perfect place to laze away the days and watch the world go by.

Plus, the leg came through the test of Tuscany's hilly slopes with flying colours.

Photo: Florence Church Candles
Photo: Florence Skyline
Photo: Al Fresco Dining
Photo: The Villa
Photo: Free with Today's Newspaper -- Baby Daniel


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