Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Northern Iraq a model democracy? Not according to the New York Times:
NYT: Trying to Set Up Democracy in a Divided Kurdish Region

How to wage war on another country without needing a passport:
The Guardian: US-based missiles to have global reach

The latest on landmine clearance efforts in Somalia:
AllAfrica.com: Faction Leaders' Cooperation On Landmines Praised

Talk to us......please!
As if the on-going row with Downing Street wasn't enough, Israel has now joined in the BBC Snub-Fest:
Media Guardian: Israel cuts links with BBC
When in doubt, accuse the BBC of peddling Nazi propaganda. Subtle.
We'll see just how long that particular stand-off lasts. Still, the thought of hearing Ranaan Gissin say "no comment" has a certain novelty value about it.

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