Monday, August 04, 2003

It's August and there's just not enough news around.

So, to liven up the silly season, I'm launching a new weekly feature -- the twat pack.

It's a chance for me to insult those who have got on my nerves over the past week -- either because they've done something mind-numbingly annoying or just because they're generally loathsome individuals.

This week's twat pack are:

Carole Caplin: She claims to be a "lifestyle guru" and gets paid three grand a month for being a sycophant to Cherie Blair. Need I say more?

Robbie Williams: You may have sold out Knebworth three nights running but you're still an over-rated pub singer.

Nicola Horlick: Superwoman my arse. Try raising six kids on income support and then we'll see how super you are.

All nominations for future "packs" gratefully received.


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