Thursday, August 07, 2003

The South Wales Echo's Alex Lemon e-mails after reading my comment about sweaty provincial hacks. I suspect she's still smarting because of what I said about her chocolate santa story yesterday.

After picking up a story from the Press Association wire she writes:

See, it's not just us sweaty provincial hacks who have to write weather rubbish. Annabelle, Hettie and Tamara at Totally Useless PR have to as well.

5 WEATHER Heatwave Substitute
There is evidence that despite the sunshine some people are suffering from summer sniffles.
Supermarket chain Tesco says it saw sales of cold and flu remedies increase 30% last week compared with the same week last year. Remedies for children were up 25%, it said.

There is also evidence of hasty press release writing.


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