Wednesday, August 06, 2003

This hottest day of the year business is all very well, but you try getting through it with an artificial leg.

My Otto Bock gel filled sock, which I admit has changed my life in terms of walking, is an absolute bitch in weather like this.

Imagine walking around in temperatures hitting the mid 30s celsius while wearing the leg of a 7mm wetsuit. Then put 2 cotton socks and half an inch of foam and fibreglass on top. Not pleasant.

When I take the gel sock -- or "bull's condom" as it's colloquially known -- off, there's a puddle of sweat sloshing around in the bottom.

Sorry, I'll shut up now before you throw up. You get the idea.

I have, though, worn shorts out in public for the first time since the accident. Weird looking prosthetic or no, I'm just too damned hot to care.


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