Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Just back from the National Theatre, where I went to see Jerry Springer -- The Opera.

The show got great reviews but I had mixed feelings about it. It certainly didn't lack ambition -- adapting the Jerry Springer show into an all-singing all-dancing stage revue takes some doing. Nevertheless, there was something condescending about the concept of taking tabloid TV and trying to raise it into something approaching high art for the consumption of the theatre-going classes, who can they feel very pleased with themselves because they may read a broadsheet newspaper but they're still prepared to slum it with the trailer trash.

Plus, the novelty of hearing the cast sing words like "crack whore" and "fucking bitch" in an operatic voice wears off after about 30 seconds.

Then again, I paid good money to go and see it so I'm hardly in a position to talk.

I may go quiet for 24 hours or so -- but fear not.

I'm on the judging panel for the Rory Peck Trust Hard News Award all day tomorrow and then I jump on a train up to Leeds for the MAG Landmine Experience Media Day.

The full story when I get back to London...


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