Saturday, September 20, 2003

Lots of snippets of landmine-related news about today. Here's a quick round-up.

The Ottawa Treaty conference has ended in Bangkok with a renewed call for nations such as China, Russia and the United States to sign up:
Reuters AlertNet: Anti-mine conference targets hold-out countries

Good news from Kenya, which has destroyed its stockpile of almost 36,000 mines: Kenya Destroys Its Stock of Landmines

A variety of organisations, including Amnesty and the Stop the War Coalition, are backing The Clear Up Campaign, calling on governments which use cluster bombs legally responsible for removing the unxploded remnants.

Handicap International has released a series of photos highlighting its work with landmine victims in Asia and Africa:
Reuters AlertNet: HI raises mine awareness around world

And the Chinese state news agency Xinhua reports on the end of the Ottawa Treaty conference in its own unique way, conveniently failing to mention the fact that pressure was put on China in the conference's closing communique:
Xinhua: China supports eliminating landmine-related concerns


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