Thursday, September 18, 2003

A successful day at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, launching MAG's Landmine Experience for children.

I'd been asked to give a short speech and -- expecting the audience to be mainly local worthies -- had my words all planned out. As it turned out, most of those in attendance were of school age so I ditched the speech, made a few comments, and then whipped off my artificial leg so that they could appreciate what landmines actually do to people. I think it woke the kids up!

The kids were able to have a look at a selection of mines before the full exercise began. There was a simulated landmine accident and then MAG deminer Bob Gravett explained how he would go about searching a mined area. The kids were given a chance to don helmets and flak jackets and try their hand at demining.

We generated a good level of media coverage and are now talking about taking the project to Brussels next year for a Europe-wide humanitarian conference for young people. All good stuff.


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