Saturday, September 27, 2003

The reason there was no Amputee of the Week yesterday was that the 5km and 10km Active Amps Fun Run was held today in Richmond Park.

I had hoped to run myself but it's still a little bit early in the day so I had to make do with helping out as a race marshall.

There were some really inspiring people taking part, including amputee long distance runners Andrew Palmer and Antony Read (seen here along with race organiser Kiera Roche.) Among the spectators were Ali Abbas, the Iraqi boy who lost both his arms in a coalition bombing attack, and his friend Ahmad Hamza. Whatever the difficult ethical implications of Ali's situation, which were explored in the Channel 4 documentary I mentioned on Thursday, he seemed a lovely kid.

So, rather than singling out a single person, I'm awarding a group Amputee of the Week award to all the people with bits missing who took part in the Active Amps run. I aim to be among them 12 months from now.


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