Thursday, November 27, 2003

An e-mail arrives from Saw in Caliifornia:

"Just a short note to let you that I enjoy reading your daily activities in Cambodia from the jungle of landmines to the places in the city you have noticed.

"What touched my heart was a group of women whose work is to remove landmines. And my heart was broken for those who lost their legs due to landmines.

"You might be wondering who I am and what part of the world I'm in. I'm a graduate student in California studying Social Work. Part of the class assignments is to write papers on a few issues that I'm interested in, and I happened to find a few articles about landmines and amputees in Cambodia on BBC written by you.

"To make the story short, the artcles took me back to my homeland Cambodia which I left 22 years ago. When I was viewing the pictures of Cambodia on your personal website, I found myself viewing one picture to the next. I was lost in the readings. In fact, I became a bit envy of you because I had not had a chance to visit my country since I left in 1979.

Maybe one day I can visit Cambodia and see the beautiful and interesting places you posted on the website. "


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