Monday, November 03, 2003

It's all very well saying you had dinner at the Walnut Tree, writes one correspondent, but what was on the menu?

Do you really want to know?

Well, I started with roast pigeon (which was superb) followed by grilled swordfish with pesto.

Aileen went for the Thai crab cake to start, followed by ribeye of beef (half of which I ate -- it was beautifully cooked). I think Aileen chose wisely. I was a little disappointed with the swordfish. I only went for it because I never order fish at restaurants. Now I remember why.

We shared a cheese board and I finished off with a selection of home made ice creams. The vanilla was particularly good.

The wine was a 1998 Viognier.....light, crisp and a little too drinkable for its own good.

In fact, rescued from the bin (because I don't want to remind myself how much it cost until the credit card statement arrives) here's the bill.

Bill-blogging...another first from BNI.


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