Tuesday, December 09, 2003

A day's filming and editing in Cardiff means I'm able to post up a new videoblog -- the most televisually complex one so far.

I was asked by MAG to give a speech at a conference for schoolchildren in Brussels next month organised by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Office, ECHO.

I had to decline as I'm going to be on assignment, either in Switzerland or Washington.

As I can't be there in person, I agreed to make a short film to show at the conference instead.

I did the talking and Tony -- who's masterminding the BBC Wales documentary we're making -- did all the clever stuff, editing the video on Final Cut Pro (which is an absolute dream of an editing package.)

You can get an exclusive preview of the finished product by clicking on the link below. It's six and a half minutes long and is a 1.6Mb download. Apologies for the relatively low quality but it's in order to keep the file size down.

To view:
1) Right click on the link and "Save Target As"
2) Save the file on your hard drive.
3) Right click on the downloaded file.
4) Select "Play"

Videoblog: MAG Brussels Message


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