Tuesday, December 30, 2003

A sigh of relief while packing my warm weather gear in readiness for tomorrow morning's flight to Reykjavik to celebrate New Year in Iceland.

I realised that I hadn't checked my hiking boots to make sure I can get them onto my new leg. It's a constant concern for me. The ankle on my prosthesis doesn't bend and flex like the real thing. As a result, trousers are forever getting stuck around it and putting on a pair of boots often turns into a wrestling match between me and my artificial leg.

No worries tonight, though. A quick tug with the shoe horn and the boot popped on without a problem.

Last time I was in Iceland was during the Summertime, when it barely got dark. This time, I'll be lucky if there are a handful of hours of daylight. Even so, I can't wait....Iceland is a magical country. I may even get round to reading Independent People by Iceland's Nobel Prize-winning author, Halldor Laxness. It's supposed to be the work of modern Icelandic literature but every time I read the synopsis I curiously remember that there's something really, really important I need to do first.

The plot outline is as follows: "Bjartur is a sheep farmer. After 18 years of servitude to a master he despises, he desires to raise his flocks unbeholden to any man. Only Asta, the child he brings up, can pierce his rebatative soul, but she wishes to live unbeholden to him."

One for those long, Icelandic winter nights, I think.

Everything in Iceland is breath-taking expensive and I'm sure that counts for internet access too, so I may not update until my return on Saturday.


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