Thursday, December 25, 2003

Pity poor Mark Henderson.

The 32 year-old television producer spent more than 100 days being held hostage by Colombian rebels.

After finally being released, he arrived back in the UK just in time to spend Christmas with his mother and father in North Yorkshire.

He was featured with his delighted parents on the news here this evening opening his Christmas presents. And guess what he received?

A bloody horrible stripy woolly jumper.

I kid you not -- watch the news report if you think I'm joking. 100 days as an ELN hostage and he gets home to find the same piss-poor presents he gets every year from his mum. It'll be going straight down the charity shop come Boxing Day, although give the guy full credit he did pretend to be pleased for the cameras.

I bet he's already wishing the guerillas had kept him captive a bit longer.


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