Tuesday, February 03, 2004

As with death, one can never predict when breaking news is going to happen -- a fact I've been reminded of this morning.

My mobile phone rang at half past three in the morning. It was the news desk in London asking me to get into work to cover the story that ricin had been found on Capitol Hill.

I was tempted to turn over and snooze for another ten minutes. I knew, however, that if I did I'd wake up at 8 o'clock thinking my conversation with London was just a dream. The safest option was to rouse myself, throw on some clothes and get into the office.

Yesterday evening after work I resisted the temptation to go for "just one drink" in the hotel bar opposite the bureau, knowing that if I did then one drink would lead to a second, and then a third.... With the taunts that I was a social lightweight ringing in my ears I decided to go home instead and enjoy an early night watching a DVD in bed.

When that phone call came this morning I was deeply glad I had.


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