Friday, March 26, 2004


Richard Branson shows an understanding of the PR industry rather than the landmine issue by calling on Libya to invest in a scheme using airships to detect landmines.

The balloons -- presumably branded with the Virgin logo -- would use a radar to scan the soil for mines from above the ground and send the pictures back to a computer.

It's a nice idea -- and the Libya connection ensures acres of column inches for Branson (again). However, it's just another of those landmine clearance ideas -- along with pigs, rats, bees, dogs and genetically modified plants -- that are better in theory than they are in practice.

Although technology can help, ultimately there's no alternative to checking the ground by hand to ensure every single mine has been cleared. It's laborious -- but it's more cost effective than fanciful schemes costing millions of pounds and it's the only way to be 100% sure that the ground is free from mines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take the world famous Virgin logo. If you turn it slightly to the left so that where the underline and tail of the g form an X, you'll also notice the V forms a slightly hidden S and the i, r and part of the g form a broken capital E, spelling the word sex.
So you have Sex/Virgin in one word. Very clever Mr. Branson.

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