Monday, March 29, 2004

Last September I wrote about the Channel 4 documentary "A Tale of Two Alis," which contrasted the fates of two Iraqi boys injured during the war.

Ali Abbas was offered lucrative media exclusive deals and received medical treatment in the UK, while Ali Hussein returned to an uncertain future in Iraq.

The charity Facing The World read what I wrote and have been in touch with some good news.

They say:

"Ali has in fact received the reconstructive surgery that he needs (although he will need further surgery when he is 16 and finishes growing).

"He is in London at the moment awaiting the second part of his procedure and the fitting of his prosthetic eye and will return home with his father (who accompanied him) back to Iraq in mid April.

"Sadly, of course, the family farm is still unworkable as it is littered with unexploded bombs left over from the attack that injured Ali and killed so many of his family. Hopefully in due course we will be able to highlight the need to have these safely removed.

"Facing the World is a relatively new craniofacial and facial reconstruction charity who offer surgery to children with severe disfigurements who are unable to receive treatment in their own countries. There are - as you mentioned - so many children in Iraq still needing assistance who we would desperately love to help."

Details of how to help are on the Facing The World website.


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